Silver award for Home Group

Posted on 23/08/2023

Home Group’s sustainability efforts have seen it achieve a silver SHIFT certification.

The specialised, evidence-based certification is used across the housing sector and evaluates the environmental impact of an organisation’s activities across 21 criteria.

This includes everything from how well their homes are meeting the Decent Homes Standard and Scottish Housing Quality Standard, through to the use of sustainable materials in their head office and organisational strategy.

Home Group successfully met the requirements for a Silver award, earning a highly competitive score compared to others in the sector.

Achieving a good SHIFT certification is becoming increasingly important within the housing sector with banks and lenders monitoring performance against these metrics much more closely.

Home Group have been submitting data to achieve an annual SHIFT certification for a number of years, as well as ensuring to action recommendations raised by the benchmarking award.

These have previously included engaging more closely with customers on environmental topics, such as waste management and sustainable travel.

Achieving and maintaining a SHIFT Silver certification has also led to work improving data collection across the business on a wide range of sustainable measures.

Ben Perry, Environmental Officer at Home Group said: “It’s been a huge achievement to earn our Silver certification.

“Having accreditation like this as an organisation shows our customers, our partners, and our funders that we take sustainability and the environment very seriously.

“We intend to continue to improve our sustainable efforts across the business as we work towards a greener future.”