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Helping Blacon on its carbon-free journey

Posted on 09 April 2021

Sanctuary has provided funding to help turn a popular family spot in Blacon, Chester, into an environmentally friendly zone, as part of a plan to help the borough become carbon-free by 2045. 

A revamp of Avenue Services-owned Blacon Adventure Playground – known locally as “the Venny” – includes a grid that generates its own electricity, an air source heat pump and new, energy-efficient lighting. The refurbishment forms part of a wider climate change project involving the launch of community initiatives for local people of all ages across Blacon. 

Paul Knight, Head of Avenue Services, said: “With climate change becoming ever-more important, were committed to doing our bit to combat it. The educational projects will show people the real impact of climate change and how everyone can play a part in saving our environment.”