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Environmental sustainability key to customer engagement, new research finds

Posted on 09 April 2021

Research carried out by the Institute of Customer Service has revealed that environmental sustainability is a key factor for customers when buying, or engaging with, brands. 

Green Goes Mainstream published in January 2021, found customerlook to organisations to demonstrate a credible commitment to sustainability and to help guide them to make sustainable choices. 

ICS Chief Executive Officer Jo Causon, said: “Customers increasingly want businesses to demonstrate a genuine commitment to reducing their environmental impact through searching for new, innovative solutions. This will require accountability and governance across all levels of an organisations, and a commitment to clear targets and objectives, alongside regular reporting.” 

Commenting on the report, Peter Denton, Chief Executive Officer of the Hyde Group and Chair of the Greener Futures Partnership, said: “This research demonstrates how important sustainability issues are to customers and, importantly how organisations can help influence behaviour, by incorporating the zero carbon agenda in their products and services, guiding customers to adopt green technologies and sustainable ways of living. This applies to anything from their daily coffee to buying a new home. 

“The Greener Future Partnership was set up to do just this: to join forces to help social housing customers make environmentally-sustainable choices – be it through the homes the partners build or through the technologies installed in them, such as renewable heating.”